Based out of Los Angeles, California- Santoros is a groovy, garage-surf band formed in 2010 with Adolfo Canales (guitar), Carlos Precichi (guitar/vocals), Marco Rocha (drums), Diego Prieto (organ/keys) and Jossef Virgen (vocals). Santoros began in Adolfo’s garage as jam sessions and soon after evolved into this brotherhood of passionate musicians creating music for the world, playing shows all over L.A along side other great bands like Chicano Batman, Colleen Green, White Fence, Cherry Glazer, Froth, Mystic Braves, Shannon And The Clams ,Tijuana Panthers, Allah Las, Mac De Marco, The Growlers and many more, and have toured nationally. The bond they have with each other has made their music united, unique, and their energy infectious. 

They have released three albums, Ancestros in 2012 recorded by Orlando Torres , Animals in 2014 recorded and released by Lolipop Records and El Perdedor in 2016 recorded by Joel Jerome and released by Lolipop and Burger Records. Santoros are the Creators of La Batalla Festival that took place at The Glass House in 2017.